Websites and services can be a complicated thing. We like to make sure that you understand every step of the process to you. Here are some of our most common questions. If these do not answer the question you have, please contact us by phone or through the form on our contact page.

How would a website benefit my business?

Websites can be an amazing tool to any business.

At the very minimum, they are a great source of correct and updated information for the customer straight from the source. Want to know if that place is open on the holiday? What do you do? You google it, but the google business page only has general info, where is the website

At its best, a professionally done custom website can actually solve your problems and even save you money– truly. Starting a delivery service and need the tools for payment, tracking, inventory, and menus? Done. Need help calculating shipping and sending merchandise from your store? Done. Want to create smart newsletters for different types of customers with little to no effort without a huge recurring price tag? Done. Want to do all of this within the same system instead of signing in to a different one for each? DONE!

What will happen if the site does get hacked or requires maintenance because of bugs?

Part of the basic package is protection against hackers.

We add extra functions, close loopholes, add maintenance, there is so much that is going on in your favor – down to the type of server it is on. If, on the off chance that your site ever gets hacked, contact me immediately and we will replace the site with a backup and double down security even more.

Another part of the web subscription packages is support against maintainance issues. If at any given time your site is either not displaying content, or not displaying it correctly, we will help you. It doesn’t matter whether it is 5 days or 5 years after launch. Your site is built to run correctly and I will stand by that while your site is under my care.

What are the benefits of a professionally built webpage?

You are buying our time, expertise, and years of testing.

Most of what first timers go through to set up a website we not only have gone through, but have researched and found better ways to make your site more appealing, with better ease of use and more secure. On top of that, we have been trained to design things for your target audience so that you bring in who you want, where you want.

Can you guarantee me extra business?

No one can ever guarantee you extra business.

What we can guarantee is that when people search for business like yours, they will see you in the results. We can guarantee that customers will have little to no complaints about navigating your site or finding content. We can also guarantee you access to all of the analytics of visitors to your site. This includes the when, how, duration, and even what pages, to be able to help you see what is most important to your customers.

Will I be able to make changes as well after it's complete or does that all need to be ran by you?

You will have full control over all of the content in your website, meaning you can change, add, delete pages, posts, pictures, and anything else we set up until your heart is content.

The only thing that we will have "control" over is functions. Both internal and external functions can have updates – like the apps on your phone. We can update these on your site, along with all of my other clients' sites, all with the push of a single button – instead of making you go through and update each item individually. We will also retain a login username however that cannot be deleted, just in case you need help fixing anything, or adding functionality. We will never, however, change, add, or delete any content after launch unless you have given me express permission to do so and we enter into a new contract, or you have broken the terms of service. The site content is under your control.

What kind of recurring charges are there?

The bottom line is, we will always ensure that fees are not a surprise or hidden in any way. If you are using one of our subscribed services, the only fees you will pay will be your monthly fee(s) and your one time setup fee. For example if you sign up for our Sell Site at $55 a month, you will only ever pay the $55 a month in addition to the setup fee. This will not change unless you wish for more functions to be added to your site.

For custom sites, there are professional licenses that may need to be renewed each year for third party programs and services. These will be explained to you before you begin the project.


Do you offer _______?

We currently only offer the services that are listed on our services page.. However, we are adding to our services as our customers also expand. If you would like to request a service be added to our list, you can do so at our contact page.. You can also sign up for our newsletter and get informed as soon as we add services.

What materials do I need to bring for the Website Setup meeting?

We are going to be building you a website, so we need to know what to put on it!
To make this as easy as possible for you, we have created a form for you to fill out. This can be alongside us, or on your own.

Check out the form here

What materials do I need to bring for the Social Media Setup meeting?

We are going to be building you a website, so we need to know what to put on it!
To make this as easy as possible for you, we have created a form for you to fill out. This can be alongside us, or on your own.

Check out the form here