We strive to make sure the support we give either matches or exceeds that of our competitors. We have also made sure that our support comes at little cost to you. We give you peace of mind, for less.

Standard Support

All of the following features are included with our standard support. Most of our web services include this support at no additional cost.


Uptime Monitoring

We strive to ensure your site is always up. That is why we have a Virtual Private Server instead of shared hosting. However, we know issues can happen. We track if your site goes down and for how long so we can make sure it does not happen again.

Daily Backups

The best way to protect your work is to back it up. Both your database and files will be backed up daily to the server, and monthly on a separate server to protect against disaster.

Monthly Reports

Every month, you will recieve a report about your sites health, its visitors, and much more. Most of the support features listed here will be in some way represented within that report so that you are 100% in control of your support and information.

Automatic Updates

Your site will contain software for each feature within your subscription. Like every other software out there, there will be periodic updates to add features or security. We test these updates and then install them on your site so that you never have to worry about your site functions.

Google Analytics

You need to know how many visitors are coming to your site, from where, and some demographic information to best connect with and gauge your audience. Analytics from Google helps make these numbers very clear.

Security Ratings

Worried about how secure your passwords are? Don’t be! You will be notified of any security issues that the scanner finds.

Page Speed Metrics

In this digital age, time seems to always be in short supply. We make sure you know how quickly your pages load, and what to do to speed them up.

Broken Link Scanning

Sometimes content on websites move or change, but you don’t remember where all you linked to that information. Every month, you will be given a list of links that can no longer be followed in case you miss some.

Site Manual

We know our training covers what you need, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need a refresher from time to time. We provide you with a manual for your site that lists every function by page and action so that you can review what you learned with us if you need to.

Priority Appointments

We know that your time is valuable, and that your schedule can be just as variable as our own. Options for subscribing customer appointments are much more flexible than prospective customers.

Premium Support

All of the following features are added to our standard support. This support can be purchased with your current subscriptions at an additional fee. The value of this package is over $400 per month. Add it for as little as $99 a month here.

Check In Calls

Up to 2, one hour check in calls each month to discuss the monthly report and get more in depth recommendations from our team.

Additional Training

Always hiring and need more training? Want more in depth training on special features? Premium support adds 5 extra hours of training (otherwise priced at $65 an hour) each month, refreshers or for new hires.

New Feature Feedback

When we add a new feature, we will allow our premium support members to try out the products. The feedback you give will change how the new products are released.