What Are Quicksites?

Quicksites are websites for people who are just starting a business, testing online commerce, or breaking out into a better online presence. These sites answer a simple need quickly and comprehensively. We get you and your company online within a week of our first meeting, including training to use the tools to your advantage.

Based on your most immediate needs, choose the best Quicksite for your business. Each has different functions to support your business needs ranging from an immediate online presence to ecommerce management. Also choose whether you would like to try it out on a month to month basis, or for longer and receive a discount.



To keep costs down, and timelines short, we offer a set of layouts, or themes, for each type of Quicksite to choose from. These are professional looking sites will feature your colors and branding.


When you checkout, you will sign a simple subscription contract outlining your and our responsibilities. You will also book an appointment so that we can meet up and go over your content.



Meet up with us so that we know all of the content for your website like business hours, about sections, contact information and more. We will then put this information into your website for you.




While we are working hard to get your content onto your website, we will teach you how to use the tools to your advantage.





Once we have your content up on the site, and you are trained, we will launch the site. Typically this is one week from the content meeting unless the content is not finalized or more training is needed.


Quicksite Features

Icons_Pro Looking

Professional Look

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Icons_Personalized Domain

Personalized Domain

Get a personalized domain to make your website more legitimate!



Icons_Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Site Storage

We can help you minimize and streamline your file sizes for browsing, but don’t worry about size of the images, posts, and other content you put on your website.


Icons_Personalized Email

Personalized Email

Get 5 personalized emails that match your domain name set up for you, with the option to transfer emails from other accounts to your new inboxes.


Icons_Setup for you

Setup for You

There is so much to setting up a website that no one ever tells you. That one hour you planned on getting your site online can easily turn to 5 or more. Don’t deal with the hassle and the settings, let us take care of that for you!


Icons_Mobile Friendly

Mobile Responsive

More and more people are using their phone to get information, shop, socialize and more. Your website must be easy to navigate on mobile phones, tablets, and any other screen – no matter the size.


Icons_Social Media Posting

Social Media Autoposting

When you create posts and content on your website, you want others to know. Get your content to where your audience already is – social media – and still get them back to your website.

Icons_Pro Looking

Photo Galleries

Get those pictures out so your customers can see them! We will place up to 3 photo galleries during initial setup. You can set up additional ones after training.


Icons_Full Content Control

Full Content Control

Once your site has been set up, and your training has been completed, you have complete control over your content – from your posts, pictures, links. All of it is controlled solely by you and your team!


Icons_Contact Forms

Contact Forms

Make sure your customers’ concerns get to you correctly, without having to go back for more information. We set up a simple contact form routed to one of your new addresses. You can set up additional ones after training.



Comprehensive Support

There’s so much to say about our support, we have outlined the features here for you to see.



Hands on Training

For every Quicksite, we walk you through at least 2 hour of hands on training, with on-site training available free to Matsu Valley Businesses.


Heard Enough?

If you know these features are all you need, you want the Informational Quicksite or the Profile Quicksite!

Ecommerce Options

Sometimes just information is not enough. This version of the Quicksite offers everything above, with added online commerce features for you and your customers. There are two Ecommerce options, but both offer these features. Contact us for more information.



Having that little green lock on your site address gives your customers much more comfort. What it really does is create a barrier between your user and your website so data is secure.




Let your customers sign up for newsletters about your deals, sales, and more. All easy to use with its own metrics – right there on your site.

Icons_Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Want to reward people for coming back? Track their purchases and give rewards for dollars spent, posts shared, referrals, and so much more.



Subscription Services

Stop chasing people down for renewals and let them come to you. Allow users to manage and pay their subscriptions automatically.



Unlimited Products and Posts

Unlike other ecommerce sites, we don’t limit how many products you can post at a time, how many pictures you can post, or how long that post can stay active.



Shipping and Tax Calculators

Stop fussing over calculations for each purchase. Enter in your tax rates and what they apply to and let the site add tax when needed. Enter in weight and shipping options, then let your customers decide what they want to pay for.


Icons_no fees


You pay us a monthly fee mostly for the support we give you, and the features we provide you. We do not add processing fees, posting fees, or any other kind of fee beyond our subscription fee. You will still need to pay fees to whatever gateway you utilize (Visa, Paypal, etc) but we have no hidden operating fees.


Heard Enough?

Ready for us to set up your online store? Select the Service or Sales Quicksite! Services focuses on appointments, services, and digital products, while Sales focuses on physical products.


Event Options

Need to keep track of sales, and attendance? Selling tickets to events? Check out these options below for event options!

Icons_Priority Appts


Whether you have free or paid events, you can keep track of who is coming to each event.



Tiered Tickets

Sell different tiers of tickets at different times, by setting up everything only once!



Restricted Events

Sometimes your events are only for certain levels of membership, or certain other purchases. These are set up with a simple click of a button!



Event Bundles

Bundle tickets with your regular products with the Event Quicksite!



Paid Events

Charge for some, or all of your events so you get paid for your time!



Recurring Events

Have events that occur frequently weekly, monthly, or yearly? Set them up to automatically repeat without having to set them up multiple times!


Heard Enough?

If you know you need these extra features, you want the Event or Event Lite Quicksites. If you are just managing event rsvp and ticket sales, you will want the Event Lite. If you also want to sell other digital or physical products, you want the Services Quicksite.