1. Payment Plans

  1. Refunds -

    Costs for projects include a deposit to begin, coverage of materials and coverage for time spent. The deposit and/or first partial payments required to start a project are non refundable after 24 hours, unless the project has been given a rush status; then the deposit is no longer refundable.

    Further payments or fees are only refundable if the work has not been completed. This may result in a partial refund instead of a full refund, as the hours and materials will be deducted from the refund. This will be outlined in the refund to ensure transparency.
  2. Late Payments-

    There are no late fees assigned to design work, however if a payment is late then work on the project is stopped. This may mean a deadline is missed, or a final is not released if a payment is not remitted. If the payment is received within 48 hours of the due date, the project timetable will simply be moved back by the 48 hours. If the payment is later than 48 hours, a new timetable might have to be constructed around other projects.

2. Materials and Revisions

  1. Required Materials -

    For designs to be successful we may require a variety of materials from your business, including branding and marketing materials, details for the design, etc. If all materials are brought during the setup meeting, we guarantee to have your design done in the original timetable.
  2. Revisions -

    During the design process, there may be several iterations, revisions, and sketches before project completion. These are not to be used in any way by the client. The project is to be used only in its final iteration, after project completion signature and payment is remitted. If designs are used without permission, the client agrees to pay the full balance of the project immediately. If provisional designs are used after the project completion without the permission of the designer, the client agrees to pay half again the balance of the project for the extra design use. Any and all designs, including revisions and sketches are the property of the designer. The client is paying for the rights to use and distribute final designs and must never be attributed for design creation. All designs are original and will be given with instructions from the designer for optimal use. if these instructions are not follower, the designer is not liable for any damages, misunderstandings, etc. Most designs contain information of textual or numerical nature. Once the client signs off that these figures and information is correct, the designer and company is not liable for any damages, misunderstandings, or reprints should that information actually be incorrect. The design and usage of these materials does not in any way guarantee higher profits. The designer has the right to display final works and likenesses on company and personal portfolios and utilize them in any promotional material for the company.

3. Privacy

  1. Non Disclosure -

    During our business relationship, we will learn about you and your company. Any information about proprietary processes, products or other sensitive information will not be sold, nor otherwise shared or discussed, with entities not listed within this contract.
  2. Removal -

    If at any time you wish to remove yourself from our records, you must cease all of your subscriptions with us then transfer your personal domain away from our server before we can complete the removal. Then you may contact us by phone or email and we will ensure all of your payment, subscription, and newsletter records are wiped.
  3. Contact -

    Good design relies on communication with clients. This contact includes mandatory face to face meetings that can be conducted in person or in an online chat. We will attempt to keep consistent contact with the client above, and anticipate the same contact in return. In the event that contact cannot be made with the primary contact for a design, account, or other necessary decision, the secondary contact will be tried. After one week of no contact from the client, a final attempt will be made wit a notice that the project will be postponed until further contact and a decision is made from the client. Once contact is made after such notice, a new timetable may need to be drawn up to complete the project..

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