Welcome to Your New Site!!

This course is an in depth welcome to your new WordPress website! You will learn what WordPress is, how to navigate it, customize it, and master your content!


Module 1 WordPress 101
Unit 1 Welcome to WordPress
Unit 2 Terminology
Unit 3 What is WordPress
Unit 4 Signing In
Unit 5 Navigation and Views
Unit 6 Managing the Dashboard
Unit 7 The Chart
Unit 8 What are Roles?
Module 2 Posts, Pages, and Comments
Unit 1 All Posts - The Chart
Unit 2 What are Categories?
Unit 3 Managing Categories
Unit 4 Managing and Using Tags
Unit 5 Add New Post - Basics
Unit 6 New Posts - Beyond the Basics
Unit 7 All Pages
Unit 8 Templates and Themes
Unit 9 Create a New Page
Unit 10 Dynamic vs Static content
Unit 11 Shortcodes
Unit 12 Comments
Module 3 Media Management
Unit 1 What is Copyright?
Unit 2 Copyright Infringement
Unit 3 License Types
Unit 4 Media Resources
Unit 5 Uploading Media
Unit 6 How to Attribute Media
Unit 7 Types of Supported Media on WP
Unit 8 Organizing Media on WP
Unit 9 Adding Media to Posts and Pages
Unit 10 What Else is Copyrighted?
Module 4 Automatic Posting
Unit 1 All About Automatic Posting
Unit 2 How To Autopost
Unit 3 Possibilities and Limitations
Module 5 Efficient and Effective
Unit 1 Content is King, but don't make it unbearable!
Unit 2 Sheet Editor
Unit 3 Importing and Exporting Content
Unit 4 Post Checklists
Module 6 Styling Content
Unit 1 Plain or Styled?
Unit 2 Elementor
Unit 3 A/B Testing
Module 7 Personalized Email
Unit 1 Email Terms
Unit 2 Benefits of Personlized Domain Emails
Unit 3 Basic System Setups
Unit 4 Email Tips and Tricks
Module 8 Security
Unit 1 Terminology
Unit 2 Types of Hacks and Attacks
Unit 3 How We Mitigate Risks on Your Site
Unit 4 Password Strength
Unit 5 Roles and Access
Unit 6 WordFence Settings
Module 9 Users and Roles
Unit 1 What are Roles?
Unit 2 How Roles Work
Unit 3 Default Roles
Unit 4 Deciding How to Build Roles
Unit 5 Creating New Users
Unit 6 Editing Roles of Users
Unit 7 Creating New Roles
Module 10 A Successful Website
There are no units in this module.
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