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New Plugins!

We are excited to announce that we have begun work on new WordPress plugins!

For those that do not know, this site, and the sites that we create, are build on the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. This is a versatile and fast moving system with more third party custom application and functions called plugins than imaginable. Some do small functions like changing a label in the back-end. Others are full Customer Relationship Management Systems.

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So, why are we starting on new ones?

Because sometimes, the plethora of available plugins can be a bad thing. How?

  1. Sometimes you find the perfect plugin that does everything you need….but not very often. Often what happens is you need 3 or 4 plugins for similar functions. Need to change what kind of users have access to what? That’s one plugin. Also need to change what the users see on their dashboards? That’s another plugin. Want them to be able to login in using social media? See the problem? The more plugins you have, the higher the risk to your loading time, security….oh and your sanity while trying to use the back end!!!
  2. Not all plugins work nicely with each other – or your themes! Which means you might end up with 5 plugins to finally finish your user access needs, but one overrides another, or completely removes functions!
  3. The amount of time to research and test these plugins for security, compatibility, and usability can be tremendous!
  4. Sometimes plugin developers stop working on their plugins and abandon them, leaving behind possible security loopholes and compatibility issues.
  5. Sometimes you find the plugin that works almost perfectly, and you need that one thing that would be perfect, or that one thing that isnt working correctly…but the developer doesn’t have time to add it to their plugin, or doesn’t believe the addition is necessary, or worse – they never answer you at all!

So we are starting these plugins to solve those problems for ourselves! We are going to make plugins that will integrate better than the third party ones we currently use, making your sites faster, more secure, but most importantly, easier on your wallet! Some of these plugins will be made into much larger paid versions, but the cost as a client of ours will always be integrated into the site fees instead of on top of them like the third party!

So, why do you care that we are starting new plugins?

group of people holding up speech bubblesBecause sometimes, its about who you know!

  1. The costs for custom sites will start to decrease as the larger third party licensed plugins will be replaced
  2. Dashboards will be cleaner, and your sites will start to run faster with less behind them
  3. Your feedback will not only be heard, but will be transferred directly to our development list instead of an email back and forth to a different developer
  4. New metrics and stats can be added your reports!

Sounds Exciting? We think so too!!

The downside? We can only work on a couple at once, so these are the ones we are currently working on, as well as a non comprehensive list of what is in store later.

In Development:

  • Board Management
    • Manage board members, committees, voting, an internal calendar and so much more!
  • Client Management
    • Currently just client and contact management, but look for the next versions to see huge functionality!
  • EDD Boost
    • A functional boost with all kinds of little things added including image previews on the “All Downloads” list, more page template options, possibly even composite products!


  • Full Learning Management System
  • Employee Management
  • Library Management
  • Project Management
  • Automated Workflow Tools

Which would you like to see first? Have an idea for a different plugin you are dying to see and need for your business?

Let us know!





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